Installing a wi-fi booster into your home is always considered as the simple, quick and also affordable way of getting a better wireless signal at your home. But, did you already know how much the wi-fi booster price?  Based on many reviews of wi-fi booster price, it’s price can be depending on some reasons, including of your coverage area expansion, the data speed transfer, features offered, and many more.

Best Wi-Fi Booster Signal with Review of Wi-Fi Booster Price

In order to find the best wi-fi booster for your home, you have to consider some aspects, including your budget. There are many best wi-fi boosters that available in low and affordable price that still recommended for improving your existing wi-fi signal. Here are 5 best wi-fi booster with a price review price that really worth to purchase.

Netgear AC2200 Nighthawk X4 Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you are looking for the best wi-fi booster on the market, this Nighthawk booster may be the best choice. Comes as one of the most advanced and fastest boosters, this Nighthawk combines the speed up to 2,200Mbps for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. That’s speed is more than enough for using multiple users at your home. The Nighthawk is also easy to install since it has a simple and also self-contained design. And for the price, you have to spend some money to purchase this booster since it is more pricy than others.

Netgear AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender

It is different from the Nighthawk, the Netgear AC750 comes as one of the best budget wi-fi boosters for your home. With an inexpensive and affordable price, this AC750 can be underestimated. The AC 750 comes as a user-friendly booster since it is affordable, easy to install and more than enough to improve your existing wi-fi signal.

According to many researchs, the wi-fi booster’s price can be found in the range from $79.99 to $4779 depending upon some reasons. Here is the list of wi-fi booster prices that mostly found on the market.

1.    $79.99 for the entry level wi-fi signal booster

2.    $199.99 for the powerful quad antenna with the router

3.    $449.95 for the portable heavy-duty and water-resistant wi-fi booster

4.    $2499.99 for the commercial wi-fi booster that capable for boosting the cellular and wi-fi signals up to 20.000 square feet

5.    $4779 for the industrial wi-fi booster that can expand the coverage up to 80,000 square feet There are wide options of wi-fi booster in different designs and types that can be purchased on the market Keeps in your mind that that price list can be different for every area or every market. But, it can help you to give a description of how much you will spend your money to purchase one of the best wi-fi boosters for your home. Make sure that you find some review of wi-fi booster price for getting the best- friendly budget wi-fi booster that compatible to your router, device and even your surrounding factors.