Having a WiFi booster for your house is the best solution if some areas don’t have a good WiFi signal. However, setting the WiFi booster can be very difficult at first and you might wonder how do WiFi boosters work. Here is a simple WiFi configuration guide for you.

Installing the WiFi Boosters

The first thing to do before you configure the WiFi booster is to install the device. Some devices come with cables and some others come with the wall plug-in design. All you need to do is to pick a good location for the WiFi booster and plug it on the power source. Some WiFi boosters need to be paired with the main WiFi router before you can use it.

Take, for example, Netgear Orbi Home. This WiFi booster has two devices, the Satellite one and the Router one. The two devices need to be paired beforehand and it might be pretty difficult for some people. In case it happens, you need to try reading the manual carefully to install the WiFi boosters well.

Configuring the WiFi Boosters

Still wonder how do WiFi boosters work? Actually, it is pretty simple since after the installation completes, the WiFi booster will automatically catch the WiFi signal and extend it to some areas in your house, you need to start configuring the WiFi booster. The configuration is important because you might not able to use the WiFi boosters before you complete the configuration. It is actually very easy to do since you just need to complete the data required.

You can fill out the data on the configuration window that will automatically appear when you access the WiFi for the first time. The data usually consists of the name configuration of the WiFi network, the password, and some WiFi boosters have an additional configuration that will allow you to make a new network access point. You just need to complete the data then you can use the WiFi booster directly, and you don’t need to wonder how do WiFi boosters work anymore.

Increasing the WiFi Boosters Performance

Sometimes, you might face some problems after configuring the WiFi boosters. The main problem is the WiFi booster performance. Some devices can work pretty well, but some others don’t. If you have the same problem, you need to make sure that you have entered the right configuration. Then, you need to make sure whether the device catches the WiFi signal well or not.

You can easily see the indicator through the light on the device, or you can check the network speed using some downloadable apps. If it shows a weak signal, you can try to restart the WiFi booster. You can also try to move the device closer to the main router. Configuring the WiFi boosters for the first time might seem difficult and you will constantly think how do WiFi boosters work. But actually, it is pretty easy and you can do it all by yourself. You need to try to change the place to ensure the device catch the signal well.